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Introducing the Revived George Eisteddfod


We are thrilled to announce the triumphant return of the George Eisteddfod, a vibrant and inclusive celebration of arts and culture that has been rejuvenated with a renewed purpose and passion. With a rich history as a cultural cornerstone of the George area, the newly reinstated George Eisteddfod is set to shine brighter than ever before, embracing innovation and inclusivity.


Our mission in reinstating this cherished event has been shaped by a clear vision – to build an eisteddfod that encompasses the following key objectives:


1. Affordability and Accessibility: The new George Eisteddfod is committed to creating an affordable platform that warmly welcomes all schools in the region. We believe that every young artist should have the opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity.


2. Mobile Adjudication: In an effort to foster a sense of unity and collaborative spirit among local schools, we have introduced a unique feature: we bring the eisteddfod to your school. This innovative approach allows for a collective adjudication structure, enriching the quality of internal eisteddfods for participating schools.


3. Eliminating Travel Hassles: Recognizing the challenges associated with travel, we're dedicated to reducing the barriers students face when pursuing their artistic passions. Our mobile eisteddfod means participants can focus on their performance, not the logistics.


4. Wider Reach: The George Eisteddfod aims to cast a wider net, seeking out and nurturing the artistic talents of more students within the George area. Our goal is to ignite creativity in every corner of our community.


5. Regional Platform: As a stepping stone to greater aspirations, the George Eisteddfod will serve as a regional platform for entries. It's a chance for local talent to shine on a bigger stage before moving on to the Garden Route Eisteddfod stage, furthering the growth and recognition of our talented artists.

Navigating the George Eisteddfod Process


The George Eisteddfod is delighted to introduce you to our streamlined and innovative process that is set to make participation easier and more rewarding than ever before. We've designed this process with your convenience and success in mind, keeping in step with the modern age and the evolving needs of our talented participants.


Here's how the process will unfold:


1. Seamless Entries through Eventer Portal: To kickstart your journey with the George Eisteddfod, all entries will be effortlessly completed through our user-friendly Eventer Portal. This efficient online platform simplifies the submission process, ensuring that schools and participants can easily register and share their artistic prowess with us.


2. Adjudication at Your School: The hallmark of the George Eisteddfod's unique approach is our commitment to visiting the participating schools. All registered participants will have the privilege of being adjudicated on their home turf. Our experienced adjudicators will evaluate performances right at your school premises, ensuring a comfortable and familiar setting for our talented participants.


3. Digital Reports and Certificates: In today's digital age, we're pleased to provide participants with digital reports and certificates. These will be promptly sent to the relevant schools, making the process more efficient and eco-friendly, while allowing participants to showcase their achievements to their school and peers.


4. Guidance for Garden Route Eisteddfod: As part of our comprehensive support, the managing team of the George Eisteddfod will offer valuable guidance and suggestions to schools interested in taking their talent further. We're here to assist you with the process of entering the Garden Route Eisteddfod, ensuring that your students continue to thrive in their artistic pursuits.


We are excited to embark on this journey with you, with the belief that the George Eisteddfod will not only be an unforgettable showcase of talent but also a force for unity, empowerment, and artistic expression. The stage is set, and we invite all schools and students to participate in this exciting revival of the George Eisteddfod. Together, let's celebrate the arts, nurture young talent, and create a cultural legacy that enriches our community.

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