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The Garden Route Eisteddfod, formerly known as the George Eisteddfod, is a prestigious annual arts and cultural festival that has been a cornerstone of the region's artistic community for many years. The first documented minutes to meetings was in 1999 and the festival successfully ran for 22 years, providing a platform for aspiring and established artists to showcase their talents.


In 2022, the George Eisteddfod underwent an exciting rebranding process and emerged as the Garden Route Eisteddfod. This transformation aimed to encompass a broader regional scope and foster inclusivity, ensuring that participants from all areas along the stunning Garden Route could participate and enjoy the event.

In late 2023, the Garden Route Eisteddfod announced the reinstatement of the George Eisteddfod, that will now be a sub-division of the Garden Route Eisteddfod. The reinstatement was aimed to create a mobile eisteddfod in George area, to ensure the possible participation of more candidates in the area, while addressing factors that hinder participation to the Garden Route Eisteddfod such as travelling. This way ensuring that the potential reach of the eisteddfod grows. 


The George Eisteddfod and Garden Route Eisteddfod continues to uphold the rich tradition of its predecessor, offering a diverse range of artistic categories and disciplines for participants to explore and excel in. From music and dance to drama and visual arts, the Eisteddfod embraces all forms of creative expression.


 - Drama -

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creative writing -

- visual art

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